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# Convert everything to lower case
rG A a
rG B b
rG C c
rG D d
rG E e
rG F f
rG G g
rG H h
rG I i
rG J j
rG K k
rG L l
rG M m
rG N n
rG O o
rG P p
rG Q q
rG R r
rG S s
rG T t
rG U u
rG V v
rG W w
rG X x
rG Y y
rG Z z

# Convert wi2ks os dirs back to upper case
rG wi2ks WI2KS
rG wi2ks_sys WI2KS_SYS
rG wi2ks_extra WI2KS_EXTRA

# Convert winxp os dirs back to upper case
rG winxp WINXP
rG winxp_sys WINXP_SYS
rG winxp_extra WINXP_EXTRA

# Convert wi2k3 os dirs back to upper case
rG wi2k3 WI2K3
rG wi2k3_sys WI2K3_SYS
rG wi2k3_extra WI2K3_EXTRA

# Convert backslash to slash
rg \\ /

# WINDOWS network drivers section
rgi /WI2K3/i386/WI2K3_SYS/(.*)   /WI2K3_SYS/\1
rgi /WI2KS/i386/WI2KS_SYS/(.*)   /WI2KS_SYS/\1
rgi /WINXP/i386/WINXP_SYS/(.*)   /WINXP_SYS/\1

# WINDOWS pxelinux.0 bug
rgi pxelinux\.0ntd(.+)          ntd\1
rgi pxelinux\.0(.+)             \1

# Solaris 10 Section
rgi boot/grub/            /

rG /inst_src/windows-xp-pro-dk-sp3-32bit/WINXP_SYS/ /win_nic_drivers/
rG /inst_src/windows-xp-pro-se-sp3-32bit/WINXP_SYS/ /win_nic_drivers/
rG /inst_src/windows-xp-pro-en-sp3-32bit/WINXP_SYS/ /win_nic_drivers/

# WIN2K OS'es
rG /inst_src/windows-2000-pro-dk-sp4/WI2KS_SYS/ /win_nic_drivers/
rG /inst_src/windows-2000-pro-se-sp4/WI2KS_SYS/ /win_nic_drivers/
rG /inst_src/windows-2000-pro-en-sp4/WI2KS_SYS/ /win_nic_drivers/

rG /diskless/windows/ubcd4win/WINXP/i386/system32/drivers/WINXP_SYS/ /win_nic_drivers/
rG /diskless/windows/winpe/WINXP/i386/system32/drivers/WINXP_SYS/ /win_nic_drivers/

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