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75 2255d 15h swirly / Corrected a bug in template files (missing closing tag)  
74 2279d 22h swirly / Added a smarty abstract class with error, warning and info functions  
73 2285d 22h swirly / Added SQL synchro for teachers.  
72 2287d 02h swirly / ldap modif  
71 2559d 01h swirly /web/include/ reverse uid/mail  
70 2559d 01h swirly / Added email presentation to listing  
69 2577d 09h swirly / Added email synchronisation for pupil  
68 2628d 21h swirly / Added csv pupils import for sadmin  
67 2637d 11h swirly /web/include/ oops, unsaved  
66 2637d 11h swirly / added a list teachers global for the superadmin.  
65 2637d 12h swirly / Pupil import now give password  
64 2637d 14h swirly / adding missing files  
63 2637d 14h swirly / Corrected a bug in pupils_CSV export  
62 2726d 21h swirly / Added mail for pupils  
61 2727d 02h swirly / Added a purge and clean of LDAP  
60 2751d 21h swirly /web/ should be done :)  
59 2753d 23h swirly /web/ added teacher support for admins  
58 2758d 20h swirly /web/ passwod change OK form admin  
57 2758d 20h swirly /web/ adding change password template  
56 2758d 20h swirly /web/ generic people functions  

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