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2343 4286d 00h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.4/build-area/ Deb packages for bug correction (see changlog)  
2342 4286d 00h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.4/build-area/  
2341 4286d 00h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.4/trunk/debian/  
2340 4286d 00h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.4/trunk/ filename for clamav daily update changed  
1392 4508d 02h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.4/ package build  
1391 4508d 02h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.4/trunk/ added scan for a distant file  
1352 4527d 21h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.4/trunk/ added scan for a distant file  
1351 4527d 23h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/ new version  
1350 4527d 23h swirly /se3-clamav/ making 1.3 branche the main branch  
1349 4528d 00h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.3/build-area/  
1348 4528d 00h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.3/trunk/www/ corrected spelling (ajout not ajour)  
1347 4528d 00h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.3/build-area/ new build  
1346 4528d 00h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.3/build-area/  
1345 4528d 00h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.3/trunk/ revisited log parsing for multiple directory  
1344 4528d 19h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.3/build-area/ new compilation  
1343 4528d 19h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.3/trunk/ Ajout de nouveaux repertoires  
217 5105d 21h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.3/ added build result, thaks to svn-buildpackage and fakeroot  
216 5105d 21h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.3/trunk/www/ removed an inside else . Compatibility?  
215 5111d 04h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/ new version with mail  
214 5111d 04h swirly /se3-clamav/branches/1.1/trunk/ new version with mail  

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