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5302 3974d 14h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add version selection in the user config  
5301 3974d 15h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add version selection in the supervision monitor check list  
5272 3977d 17h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Add lcs access for slis 4.1 in rootShell
* Add Host access for slis 4.1 in rootShell
5271 3983d 00h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add lcs acces for slis 4.1 in rootShell  
5270 3983d 00h plb /slim/sources/tags/ Move this tag to keep a coherence in the svn layout  
5269 3983d 00h plb /slim/sources/branches/ Move branche to keep coherance in svn layout  
5263 3983d 23h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * For version 4.1, DOMAIN is contruct to correspond the the site domain at
the dks generation
* visual cleaning in ZDKS/make.php
4989 4020d 20h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Removed several obselete variables in slis.conf
* Add monitoring variables in lcs.conf
4715 4046d 19h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/scripts/ZDKS/ small typo mistake correction  
4714 4046d 19h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/scripts/ZDKS/ small typo mistake correction  
4713 4046d 20h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Modified make.php in order to construct lcs.conf  
4712 4046d 20h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Renamed some field titles corresponding to the slis version supervision
scripts in the web page
4710 4046d 22h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Added lcs.conf and virtualization variables in slis.conf  
4647 4053d 21h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/debian/ change to UNRELEASED status  
4646 4053d 21h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Fixed slis.conf in the 4.1dks1 template  
4620 4061d 03h plb /slim/sources/tags/slis-slim/ slis-slim 2.0.5~rc4 rc release  
4619 4061d 03h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/debian/ prepare slis-slim release 2.0.5~rc4  
4618 4061d 21h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ ready).
* Added the check of the apache listen port configuration before asking in
* Added some checks (symlinks, apache2 modules) in postinst to avoid some
tasks when they are useless.
4616 4062d 03h plb /slim/docs/ update documentation  
4581 4068d 20h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Fix folder path to the docbook documentation  

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