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6102 3680d 21h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add LCS/SLIS 4.x button to access to the webadmin interface.  
6101 3681d 17h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/scripts/monitor/graph/ Display now the date in local representation for the stat graphs.  
5905 3751d 20h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/scripts/ZDKS/ Fixed a buggy vim auto indentation for php that make this script in error.  
5880 3814d 22h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Updated to generate CNAME for *.<slis_host> to <slis_host>
* Bug fix: Network CIDR use now network address instead of one IP address in
the network in scripts/ZDKS/make.php. This may cause somes problems for
somes applications.
5775 3855d 20h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Modified default view to indicate GENERATED version
* Updated translations
5689 3911d 17h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Make.php now integrate lcs.packages into floppy for cyberschool LCS  
5688 3911d 18h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * made a quick fix to allow options to work in scripts/Slis/edit.php  
5633 4008d 20h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Added cidr addresses expression (%cidr_lan%, %cidr_wan%) for the archive
5592 4017d 16h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Added slis 4.1 for the version stat graph.  
5539 4072d 15h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/debian/ * Removed no more needed configuraiton for postgresql (tcp_socket).
* Added listen_addresses to '*' by default.
5538 4072d 16h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Added a paragraph in the doc for the postgresql configuration.  
5536 4073d 15h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Fixed image orientation in the slim doc.  
5517 4084d 18h plb /slim/sources/tags/slis-slim/ [svn-buildpackage] Tagging slis-slim (2.0.5~rc5)  
5516 4084d 18h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Added a custom script that enable a subset of supervision scripts for a
subset of slis in /usr/share/doc/slis-slim/.
5511 4087d 16h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Fixed error in the default slis 4.1 dks config (rsync module).  
5501 4090d 21h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/scripts/ZDKS/ Rename menu entry to Make  
5500 4091d 16h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/include/updates/ Change default PASS to 'demo' for slis 4.1  
5499 4091d 17h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/include/updates/ Fix again  
5498 4091d 18h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/include/updates/ Fix default value from 'auto' to 'AUTO'  
5497 4091d 18h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/debian/ Prepare for release  
5461 4092d 15h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * For version 4.1, DOMAIN is contructed to correspond the the site domain at
* Visual cleaning in ZDKS/make.php
* Added the possibility to add all default routes to the all existing tunels.
* Added new default value tables for SLIS 4.1 / LCS 2.0 configuration
* Moved script in the ZDKS directory and change the title page to
"SLIS 3.x - 4.0"
* Added a new parameter to the FileDefvalue->get_setup_data function in
order to specify the corresponding file. By default it is '' to
keep the compatibility.
5350 4122d 20h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/scripts/Slis/ Added some forgetting in rootShell.php  
5314 4132d 10h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Fix permission for listing tunnel missing for a default route  
5313 4132d 10h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ some french translations\nFixed bug in listing default route not used  
5312 4132d 10h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Remove the comments that were specific to a language when getting the monitor
checks with monitor_getscript.php
* Fixed the default right path of the private key file '/etc/slis-slim/ssl/slim.key'
* Added the possibility to add all default routes to the all exisitinfs tunels
5302 4139d 10h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add version selection in the user config  
5301 4139d 11h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add version selection in the supervision monitor check list  
5272 4142d 13h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Add lcs access for slis 4.1 in rootShell
* Add Host access for slis 4.1 in rootShell
5271 4147d 20h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add lcs acces for slis 4.1 in rootShell  
5270 4147d 20h plb /slim/sources/tags/ Move this tag to keep a coherence in the svn layout  
5269 4147d 20h plb /slim/sources/branches/ Move branche to keep coherance in svn layout  
5263 4148d 19h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * For version 4.1, DOMAIN is contruct to correspond the the site domain at
the dks generation
* visual cleaning in ZDKS/make.php
4989 4185d 16h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Removed several obselete variables in slis.conf
* Add monitoring variables in lcs.conf
4715 4211d 15h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/scripts/ZDKS/ small typo mistake correction  
4714 4211d 15h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/scripts/ZDKS/ small typo mistake correction  
4713 4211d 16h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Modified make.php in order to construct lcs.conf  
4712 4211d 16h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Renamed some field titles corresponding to the slis version supervision
scripts in the web page
4710 4211d 17h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Added lcs.conf and virtualization variables in slis.conf  
4647 4218d 17h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/debian/ change to UNRELEASED status  
4646 4218d 17h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Fixed slis.conf in the 4.1dks1 template