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6102 3540d 02h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add LCS/SLIS 4.x button to access to the webadmin interface.  
5775 3715d 01h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Modified default view to indicate GENERATED version
* Updated translations
5461 3951d 20h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * For version 4.1, DOMAIN is contructed to correspond the the site domain at
* Visual cleaning in ZDKS/make.php
* Added the possibility to add all default routes to the all existing tunels.
* Added new default value tables for SLIS 4.1 / LCS 2.0 configuration
* Moved script in the ZDKS directory and change the title page to
"SLIS 3.x - 4.0"
* Added a new parameter to the FileDefvalue->get_setup_data function in
order to specify the corresponding file. By default it is '' to
keep the compatibility.
5313 3991d 15h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ some french translations\nFixed bug in listing default route not used  
5301 3998d 16h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add version selection in the supervision monitor check list  
5272 4001d 17h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Add lcs access for slis 4.1 in rootShell
* Add Host access for slis 4.1 in rootShell
5271 4007d 00h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add lcs acces for slis 4.1 in rootShell  
4352 4128d 13h onurb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Add translations.
* Correction for slis delete (also delete slishistory)
3740 4233d 21h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Change the mirror in the sources.list for the 4.0-xendks1
* Change the default LDAP_SERVER and the lcs update parameters in slis.conf for the 4.0-xendks1
* Add 'per version' script monitoring possibility.
3414 4302d 21h plb /slim/sources/ change slim repository structure  
3412 4302d 21h plb /slim/sources/ change slim repository structure  
3406 4302d 22h plb /slim/ change slim repository structure  
1404 5001d 01h xav /slim/ Bugfix in network creation/modification
Minor BF in accounts.php
1391 5017d 21h xav /slim/include/lang/fr/ Apercu ne prend qu'un p ;) Merci Froomi  
1385 5024d 21h xav /slim/include/lang/fr/ add some missing translation  
1380 5025d 02h xav /slim/ Bug fix in account creation and passwd validity test  
1379 5025d 04h xav /slim/ Account creation/passwd modification can now send an email to the user.
Whenee update is needed, only Admin can use SLIM to patch DBs
1375 5029d 00h xav /slim/ SLIM 2.0.4
Temporary password
Parent SLIS
SlimProxy via http proxy
1290 5072d 03h xav /slim/ Bug fix: Add default checks to a new created SLIS  
1264 5142d 21h xav /slim/ version 2.0.2
- Creation of a range of ip address
- Some bug fix

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