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6102 3660d 03h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add LCS/SLIS 4.x button to access to the webadmin interface.  
5775 3835d 02h swirly /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Modified default view to indicate GENERATED version
* Updated translations
5272 4121d 18h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Add lcs access for slis 4.1 in rootShell
* Add Host access for slis 4.1 in rootShell
5271 4127d 01h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ Add lcs acces for slis 4.1 in rootShell  
4580 4212d 22h plb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Updated the documentation for the new installation process
* Reverted change about the right "view_slis_comment" (because not really
4367 4247d 19h onurb /slim/sources/trunk/slis-slim/ * Modified User.php for slis create with user!=admin & error with groups and
also to permit view slis to "super_glob" users with 'ALL' view, even if there's
* Add right (and it's management) for Slis comments view (cool, we can now
injury installers ... :)
3414 4422d 23h plb /slim/sources/ change slim repository structure  
3412 4422d 23h plb /slim/sources/ change slim repository structure  
3406 4422d 23h plb /slim/ change slim repository structure  
1396 5134d 22h xav /slim/scripts/Slis/ An other bugfix on hadmin deletion  
1395 5134d 23h xav /slim/scripts/Slis/ Bugfix : right checking for hadmin and groups  
1375 5149d 01h xav /slim/ SLIM 2.0.4
Temporary password
Parent SLIS
SlimProxy via http proxy
1323 5177d 19h bzizou /slim/ Ajout de la declaration automatique des adresses de routeurs (colonne supplementaire dans la matrice de valeurs par defaut du DNS et affichage de l'entree DNS correspondant a l'ip du routeur dans la fiche SLIS)  
1290 5192d 04h xav /slim/ Bug fix: Add default checks to a new created SLIS  
1138 5302d 21h xav /slim/ Added min record and min age into monitor checks  
1123 5312d 00h xav /slim/ Per slis File management.
Some transalations.
Minor bug fixes.
1109 5324d 01h xav /slim/ Feature: Add check to a SLIS in it's view.
Adding the view_check custom view for slis_view
1106 5324d 23h xav /slim/ some features and patchs  
1091 5331d 22h xav /slim/ Custom views have now 4 cols
slis-stats-debits.php create a beautiful graphic
1081 5334d 02h bzizou /slim/ Misc fixes  

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